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Sensapex’s unique offering for OEM customers

    • Extensive Experience: Leveraging long-standing experience in crafting high-precision motion products, we bring reliability and excellence to every project.
    • Patented In-House Technologies: Our proprietary, patented technologies set us apart and provide a robust foundation for all our engineering solutions.
    • Specialized Engineering: In-house expertise in ultra-stable, high-accuracy motion and micro-injection solutions ensures your projects meet and exceed industry standards.
    • Compact Electronics Control Platform: Our high-precision, closed-loop motion and pressure control platform is versatile enough to be compatible with proprietary piezo-drives, nano-resolution sensors, stepper motors, and a wide range of pressure regulators and valves.
    • Open-Source SDK: Our software development kit allows for effortless integration with external control systems, saving you time and resources in application development.
    • Custom Software Engineering: In-house software engineering teams are available to support your integration efforts or develop new features tailored to your specific needs.
    • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Utilize our advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce your product alongside Sensapex’s own high-quality offerings.


Sensapex is best known for its outstanding products, characterized by ultra-high precision, exceptional stability, and ease of use. Why reinvent the wheel when you can accelerate your development cycle by leveraging our proven technologies and products? For companies operating outside of our core focus in electrophysiology, we offer the opportunity to white-label our exceptional products. Need something more customized? Our in-house technologies provide a solid foundation for creating tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.


Throughout its existence, Sensapex has developed and patented unique technologies geared towards ultra-precise motion products and automated solutions. Our global trademark, ZeroDrift™, highlights our capabilities for super-stable and drift-free positioning, made possible by our unique piezo technologies. In addition to core motion technologies, Sensapex has developed an in-house control platform (both hardware and software) that includes a modern, touch-based user interface and comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for quick and easy integration.


uMp-3 set



The majority of applications for Sensapex products are in the highly demanding field of electrophysiology. Sensapex micromanipulators excel at measuring ionic currents of living cells that are just a few micrometers in size, often in setups involving multiple micromanipulators—up to 12. These setups typically utilize Sensapex microscopes for imaging and stimulation during measurements. Increasingly, our products are also finding applications beyond electrophysiology, ranging from In Vitro Fertilization to microLED testing.