Why automated pressure control?

Many experiments in the life sciences require well controlled and reliable application of pressure. For example in neuroscience research, steps ranging from (virus) injections into the intact brain, over puff application of compounds, to patch clamping recording all require a controlled source of pressure. In the past, applying pressure with your mouth was seen as the most sensitive and best controlled approach, and many researchers still do this. More widespread, in particular where higher pressures are required is the use of syringes to apply pressure manually through a syringe. Even with manometer readout, both of these approaches yield unreproducible results, as stability of pressure application, exact timing and actual pressure levels will vary substantially.

Moving to automated pressure application makes it possible to apply preset pressure levels for determined times – either using internal timers, or by applying external trigger signals. Modern devices also allow quick switching between positive and negative pressure. Importantly, automation does not need to be exclusive. All of our pressure application devices allow externally set pressure levels to be applied. This can be convenient for things such as clearing a blocked puff pipette, or briefly increasing pressure prior to penetrating connective tissue.

Why use Sensapex uMc devices?

The uMc pressure control devices are designed to simplify and automate frequent tasks in life science experiments, while enabling reproducible experiments and workflows. Sensapex Pressure Control Products

  • With control from either the TSC touchscreen unit or through your own software using our SDK, the uMc range allows for full automation of workflows.
  • Fast switching between different pre-set pressure levels as well as to user applied pressure allows for the highest possible control over your work.
  • With no need for 19″ rack mounted devices or controllers, the uMc range is compact and easy to position around your existing setup.
  • Thanks to closed loop control, the uMc devices bring the accuracy and repeatability required to allow for reproducible and reliable results.

uMc products overview

  • uMp-TSC2 touch screen unit provides intuitive stand-alone user interface to operate and configure uMc automated pressure controllers, including 1-click automated pipette cleaning as well as quick buttons for saving and setting specific pressure values.
  • uMc automated pressure controller product line include 2-, 4-, and 8-channel desktop product versions (the uMc-INJ series is only available in a 2-channel version).
  • uMc-PRF-VAC provides high quality pre-regulation and filtering of the pressure supply, as well as vacuum generation to meet the uMc input pressure requirements.
  • The uMc range includes three product series:
    • uMc-PPC – the original series, initially designed for automating patch clamp experiments.
    • uMc-CLN – specifically designed for automatic cleaning of patch pipettes.
    • uMc-INJ – specifically designed for automating injections.

We facilitate new discoveries

Sensapex has had the privilege to provide products to more than 1000 labs worldwide. We are regularly surprised and impressed by the clever way in which our manipulators are used for experiments. Often in ways that we never imagined. Our ever-growing list of References showcases some of the amazing work being done with our instruments.

Sensapex products are proprietary and patented (US 9,138,892, US 9,662,783, EP 2 776 215, US 10,427,292; EP 09851052.2, EP15906190.2, US 15/765,608, EP: 15906189.4). Automated patch clamp (US 9,498,293 and US 9,668,804) and pipette cleaning (US 15/232,770 and EP 16836035.2) products are manufactured under licenses from GTRC and MIT, U.S.A.