Focus on your application – we have already figured out the rest!

Sensapex products have been developed with automated research techniques in mind. We provide ready-made hardware platform with integrated system level features that enable implementing even most complex automations. We provide fully digital, versatile and short latency application interface through ethernet and open-source Sensapex software development kit (SDK). Using our platform means that you can focus on implementing your idea by focusing on the application software development – we have figured out the rest for you!

Our own automated application development efforts are focused on Python. You can find the open-source drivers from our GitHub site.


Sensapex firmware update tool for all uM products

  • Free software for firmware updates
  • Available as Windows x64 version
  • Please review the License Terms that govern any use of the firmware update tool
  • PC Connection Quick Guide now available to help you get started

Download Sensapex firmware update tool

Sensapex products are proprietary and patented (US 9,138,892, US 9,662,783, EP 2 776 215, US 10,427,292; EP 09851052.2, EP15906190.2, US 15/765,608, EP: 15906189.4). Automated patch clamp (US 9,498,293 and US 9,668,804) and pipette cleaning (US 15/232,770 and EP 16836035.2) products are manufactured under licenses from GTRC and MIT, U.S.A.