Pressure control for microinjections

The uMc-INJ pressure controllers are designed specifically to enable automated and highly reproducible microinjections into individual cells or tissue. The uMc-INJ system brings full control over the injection of dyes, viruses, DNA vectors and more. The pressure controllers are  integrated into the Sensapex control system, allowing them to be controlled either from the same touch screen unit as micromanipulators being used for guiding the injection pipette, or through custom software running on a PC, using our software development kit.

Why choose the uMc-INJ system for your injections?

  • The large pressure range of the uMc-INJ of -80 to +500 kPa allows injection of different substances using a wide span of pipette sizes.
  • The 10 Pa resolution paired with the excellent repeatability (±0.4 % FS) enables accurate dosing of repeated injections.
  • The ability to switch between user controlled and automated pressure in just 4 ms, ensures that you stay in full control of your experiment.
  • All uMc devices are fully integrated into the Sensapex control environment, allowing easy set up and control from either the touch screen unit or through the SDK for advanced automation

We facilitate new discoveries

Sensapex has had the privilege to provide products to more than 1000 labs worldwide. We are regularly surprised and impressed by the clever way in which our manipulators are used for experiments. Often in ways that we never imagined. Our ever-growing list of References showcases some of the amazing work being done with our instruments.

Sensapex products are proprietary and patented (US 9,138,892, US 9,662,783, EP 2 776 215, US 10,427,292; EP 09851052.2, EP15906190.2, US 15/765,608, EP: 15906189.4). Automated patch clamp (US 9,498,293 and US 9,668,804) and pipette cleaning (US 15/232,770 and EP 16836035.2) products are manufactured under licenses from GTRC and MIT, U.S.A.

uMc-INJ Pressure controller

Ouput channels2
Output pressure range-80 ... 500 kPa
Measurement channels2
Resolution10 Pa
Absolute accuracy±0.75% FS
Input pressure required+550 kPa
Input vacuum required-80 kPa
Dimensions140 x 160 x 78 mm

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uMc-PRF-VAC pressure pre-regulator & filter unit with vacuum generator

Input pressure required+400 kPa
Input vacuum requiredn/a
Output pressure+70 kPa
Output vacuum-70 kPa
Dimensions304 x 467 x 163 mm

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