Sensapex uM workstations are designed to improve throughput and quality of the electrophysiology and imaging experiments. They consist of uMp micromanipulator, uMs microscope and uMc automated pressure control products, which are combined with the selected 3rd party optics and imaging products.

Stand-alone uMp-TSC touch screen unit and uMp-RW3 wheel controller provide easy to use interface to control all Sensapex products, including unique system level features like automated pipette cleaning. In addition to the seamless system integration, each Sensapex product is designed for stand-alone use to enable convenient add-on installations.

Open-source SDK and user interface software

In addition to stand-alone controllers, all products can be fully controlled by the open-source software development kit (SDK). In combination with our proprietary control architecture with ethernet PC connection the SDK provides versatile, short latency  interface to support even the most advanced applications.

Sensapex uMx software


Sensapex products are proprietary and patented (US 9,138,892, US 9,662,783, EP 2 776 215, US 10,427,292; EP 09851052.2, EP15906190.2, US 15/765,608, EP: 15906189.4). Automated patch clamp (US 9,498,293 and US 9,668,804) and pipette cleaning (US 15/232,770 and EP 16836035.2) products are manufactured under licenses from GTRC and MIT, U.S.A.