Dual micromanipulator system for patch-clamp

Pre-configured uMp-3 dual micromanipulator system for patch-clamp recordings

uMp-3 × 2

Triple axis ZeroDrift manipulator

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Touch screen control unit for operating uM-products

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uMp-HUB Lite

uMp-HUB for connecting uMp-micromanipulators to uMp-TSC2 touch screen

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Rotary wheel remote interface with 3 wheels

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uMp-ROT × 2

Stand module providing rotation function for uMp-micromanipulators.

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uMp-DVT × 2

Dove-tail type headstage adapter

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uMp-SLD × 2 – optional

Stand module providing slide function for uMp-micromanipulators

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uM-GND-1 × 2 – optional

Too often set-ups are grounded with thin cables having resistance too high for proper ground. Find here high quality grounding cables and assure your ground quality!

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uM-GND-BAR – optional

The grounding bar is excellent way to have centralized grounding position for your rig.

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The example system consists of controllers and two uMp-3 micromanipulators. The micromanipulators are equipped with uMp-EXM slide/flip/rotate stands to provide practical way for electrode exchanging. Both units are equipped with uMp-DVT adapters for attaching market standard amplifier headstages.

The example system can be installed on standard M6 / 1/4″ thread whole pattern stage or posts.