uM-CellCam Centro 200MR

CellCam Centro 200MR monochrome CMOS camera

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The Centro is an affordable all-rounder for fixed and live samples across a wide range of microscopy and macroscopy applications. A 20 Mega Pixel sensor opens up opportunities for sub-region imaging at higher frame rates for techniques such as stochastic super resolution (STORM) and dynamic time-lapse imaging, whilst still maintaining the ability to oversample to push diffraction limits at all magnifications.  The camera offers excellent QE, low read noise with the reassurance of an optimised fan-cooled design, with 8 and 12-bit digitisation and near infrared sensitivity.

Additional information 

  • AR-coated clear protect window 350-1050nm
  • Physical dimensions – 65mm x 65mm x 100mm with 1/4-20 UNC mounting hole in each face
  • Mounting thread M42x0.75 T2 with C Mount adapter included
  • Connections – 12V 2.5A din connector, USB 3.0 type B
  • Software support – MicroManager 2.0 ( ), Windows & Linux SDK