Four axis manipulator with bolt-on mounting base

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uMp-4 micromanipulator has been developed for in vivo -applications providing approach angle range of 0-90 degrees. The uMp-4 micromanipulator utilizes proprietary linear piezo-drive technology being inherently drift-free. Compact size enables the device to installed close to sample, minimizing the possible thermal or mechanical vibrations caused be environment. All uMp-micromanipulators utilize closed-loop control, providing feedback to user about current location.

Each of four axis has a range of 20 mm, resolution being 5 nm through out the whole range. The uMp-4 is compatible with uMp-TSC and uMp-HUB and can be mounted with uMp-EXM electrode exchange module.

Micromanipulator is delivered as right-handed by default. If two are ordered second is delivered as left-handed, third as right-handed, forth left-handed and so on. Handedness can be re-reconfigured by user on site within minutes. However, if some specific handedness differing from default rule is preferred, please let us know via order comments; we are happy to configure the specific handedness for you already at the factory.

Positioning range: 20x20x20(x+20) mm3 (XYZ(+D))

Resolution: 5 nm

Max. speed: 5 mm/s

Load: 0 – 150 g

True approach angle: 0 – 90 degree

PLEASE NOTE: The uMp-EXM presented on the pictures is sold separately.

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