WINTER DEAL – Fully motorized and encoded microscope & two ZERO DRIFT micromanipulators

Motorized and encoded uM workstation includes:

  • Slim and motorized 2-position objective changer
  • Motorized and encoded focus with 40 mm range
  • Motorized and encoded stage with 120 x 85 mm range
  • Two motorized ZERO DRIFT micromanipulators with virtual axis upgrade and rotation stands
  • Grounding cable kit
  • Nikon optics

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Sensapex uMs-microscope with motorized, closed-loop controlled focus drive and motorized 2-position objective changer. 

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Motorized 2-position objective changer for uMs-microscopes


Temporarily unavailable


Motorized, closed-loop controlled xy-translator for upright and inverted microscopes

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Ultra-stable, fixed XY-stage that supports plug-and-play installation of 8 uMp-3 manipulators.

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Platform to install uMs-micrscope over the motorized uMs-MXY xy-translator.

See product details


Motor controller supporting closed-loop control of up to 4 motorized axes

See product details


Touch screen control unit for operating uM-products

See product details


Rotary wheel remote interface with 4 wheels

See product details

uMp-3 × 2

Triple axis ZeroDrift manipulator

See product details

uMp-ROT × 2

Stand module providing rotation function for uMp-micromanipulators.

See product details

uMp-DVT × 2

Dove-tail type headstage adapter

See product details


Grounding cable set including cables and adapters for flexible grounding

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Nikon items

  • FN-LPA LPA House Adapter
  • FN-LH Precentered Lamphouse
  • TI-PS100W/A Power Supply
  • Extension Cable
  • Halogen Lamp 12V-100W LL
  • FN-C LWD Condenser
  • LV-TI3 Trinocular Eyepiece Tube (FN 22 or 25),  Erect image
  • CFI UW 10X Eyepiece
  • LV-TV Tube Adapter, (FN 22 or 25), Erect image
  • C-DA C-Mount Adapter
  • CFI Plan Achromat 4X, N.A. 0.10, W.D. 30.0 mm
  • FN-PT4X 4X Support Lens
  • CFI Apo NIR 40X W, N.A.0.80, W.D.3.5mm
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