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New publication in Science using semiautomated patch clamp

Yangfan Peng and colleagues in the lab of Jörg Geiger at the Charité in Berlin (Germany) just published an exciting paper in which they discovered that neural networks in human cerebral cortex follow fundamentally different connectivity patterns than those found in rodent neocortex. Building computational network models based on these newly discovered connectivity rules lead to a substantial  increase in network dynamics dimensionality.

To assess a total of 7200 connections, the team used semi-automated patch clamp recordings, including the reuse of pipettes after cleaning. Sensapex are proud to have been able to provide the micromanipulators that made such a major data acquisition feat possible.

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A patch clamp rig for simultaneous recordings from up to ten neurons (Image kindly provided by the lab or Prof. Jörg Geiger, Charité Berlin).